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The Omikro Factory

Production Planning - Our emphasis on pre-production planning ensures that  processes are smooth, deliveries to clients are timely and the garments always exceed expectations. 

Risk Analysis - All orders are put through a rigorous risk analysis across all functions to ensure any possible hiccups are predicted and thus pre-empted. 

Sampling - We create samples and assist our client throughout the process so that their vision can be brought to life. 

Pre-Production R&D - Before cutting, pre-production samples are made. Then in consultation with the concerned teams the samples and processes are thoroughly checked before starting bulk production. 

Fabric - Quality checks are integrated at this point which makes sure only the best and defect-free fabric is sent through for further processing.

Cutting - Laying, marking and cutting is carefully done after due planning. This is then passed through a stringent quality check before sending it to the loading stations for sewing. 

Production - Garments at Omikro go from sewn to finished in a "Smart On-line Assembly" system, where the garment becomes complete as it progresses down the sewing line.

Efficient Production - Loading stations provide carefully arranged cut fabric bundles which are then moved along the conveyor table as each operator completes their assigned operation.

Optimum quality control - Real time quality checks are done both mid-line and at the end of the line.

Ironing Stations - Boilers connected ironing stations where workers control the steam with foot pedals. The ironing platforms draw steam through the garments, setting the fibres into place on these ironing tables.

Final Inspection - Multiple points of inspections culminate in a final inspection which then ensures only the highest quality, well-made pieces reach the clients. 

Packaging and Shipping - Garments are folded, tagged, sized, and packaged according to specifications. They are then placed in cardboard boxes and shipped to the client. 

This detailed process progressively transforms pieces of fabric into designer garments.